Letters from Yorkshire


Poem context

-Written by maura dooley born 1957

-Grew up in bristol before moving to london and becoming a lecture at goldsmiths college

and freelance writer

-Poem from collectionand barrier

-"She combines detailed domesticity with lyrical beauty"

-"she has the ability to enact and find images for complex feelings"

Distance between people shows relationship is problematic 

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Structure point 1

-Poem written mostly in tercets and this conveys the relationship as unbalanced as theres three lines per stanza and only two people in relationship

-No couplets suggesting relationship issues left unresolved 

"seasons turning"enjabment reflects changes in seasons a change in stanza creates a broken fractured structure with enjabment reflecting their broken relationship 

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Caesuras point 2

"Indoors writes to me.his knuckles singing"

-caesura seperates pronouns me and his this pause rpresents the two in the realtionship the distance between

-Not just metaphoric but physical distance

ceasura stops and starts reflects the relationship and the unnatural flow it carries 

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point 3 free verse

"the first lapwings return"Bird could serve as a metaphor for hope he will reurn to yorkshire symbolic of seasons

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point 4 personification

"his knuckles singing as they redened in the warmth"tingle as he steps indoors which refects the positive side of the relationship and ultimately both negative and positive feelings throughout the poem through language and structure 

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point 5 contrast

"my heart full of headlines feeding words onto a blank screen"

not a positive image 

-adjective 'blank'

-verb 'feeding'contrast "his knuckles singing "and natural imagery 

not only does the speaker feel very positive towards the man but also quite negative about her own life 

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point 6 metaphors

"pouring air and light into an envelope"

positive image


-'light'=religious connotations linking to a spiritual connection

-'air'and 'light' also links to previously conveyed natural imagery such as "dig and sow"

linking their natural feelings for each other

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an extra point

Ambigious ending "our souls tap out messages accross the icy miles"

suggests a closness between the two 

-'icy'implies speaker hates the distance between the two however sparks hope 

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