English- life in the trenches

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  • conditions in WW1
    • shell shock- known today as PTSD- was also extremally common
    • one of the most common conditions was trench foot
    • they had a strict routine and had to be up before 5am for a period of being on high alert
    • they hardly were able to sleep
    • they had a Christmas truce
      • this meant that they had a few days where no guns were fired and they actually just played football most of the day!
    • trench warfare was primarily on the western front in WW1.
    • they were surrounded by food, tins and other waste
    • they had to do daily chores such as digging more trench and filling sandbags
    • if the trench came under sudden attack the men could be buried alive
    • they had to do endurance challenges
      • they would often get cake and chocolate sent over from familys
    • if they had no treats they would have to have effectively tinned corned beef
    • they could have tea
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