Q3 - language features

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  • Question 3 - Language features
    • Don't state out the obvious, dig deep to find a new meaning
      • read between the lines
    • Aim to spend 13 minutes
      • Worth 8 marks
    • Always link back to the question
    • Language features
      • Alliteration
        • Makes the sound echo any part of the subject
      • Statement/ command
        • Provokes a response from the reader, changes tone, makes it more persuasive
      • Repetiton
        • To emphasise an image or key idea
      • Metaphor and simile
        • Creates a vivid picture, comparison emphasises a particular quality
      • Emotive Vocab
        • Makes the topic overly good or bad, depending on the purpose
      • Adjective and adverb
        • Adds descriptive detail which helps the reader to visualise what is being said
      • Dialogue
        • Personifies text. Brings it to life by adding human voices
      • Rhetorical question
        • engages the reader being addressed directly, the text is relevant to them
      • Direct address
        • Involves the reader and gets them to emphasise with the writer
      • Simple and complex sentences
        • Implies clarity and certainty, develops detail
      • Formal/informal vocab
        • Adds authority to a text which makes it more convincing
      • Pun
        • Wordplay- makes the text more memorable or quirky, creates a humorous tone
      • Fact
        • Makes the text seem accurate and  more believable
      • Opinion
        • Sways the reader towards the writer's viewpoint


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