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  • kamikaze
    • Conditioning
      • Shaven head full of powerful  incantations
        • "shaven head" - representing the conditioning of society. All other opinions eliminated.
        • powerful incantations- representing  the spell that society weaves into the brains of soldiers.  The soldiers are swept away with ideas.
      • Huge flag waved first one way then the other in a figure of eight
        • The infinity shape made with the flag - symbolises that society is trapped in an everlasting appraisal  of patriotism
        • At the same time the soldier could be questioning his patriotism
      • Till gradually we learned to
        • Gradually -  elongated vowel sound  showing the length it took for his family's perception of the father to be wrapped-shows her love for her father and how she didn't want to submit to the government
        • Learned - shows that at first before  society shapes your mind she would have forgiven him but as she grows she becomes more twisted to believe the man whom returned was not her father
      • Dark shoals of fishes flashing silver as their bellies
        • Shoals - representing one of many whom follows the ideology of the Japanese - to give yourself to a bigger cause OR questioning wether he should abide to the brainwashing or rebel
        • Their bellies - collective united as one
    • Context
      • Kamikaze in the 13th century meant divine wind
        • Divine wind - god was with the soldier in the sky as he flew gods wind guided him
        • Okamora -  was a soldier who came up with the idea of a kamikaze - described them as a swarm of bees once they had stung they where dead. He committed suicide at the end of the war
        • Bishudo code - loyalty and honour before death
        • Ostracised if kamikaze returned their purpose was to die with honour for their country
    • Imagery
      • Cloud marked mackerel/ black crabs, feathery prawns/the loose silver whitebait and once/ a tuna, the dark prince, muscular, dangerous
        • marked could symbolise a target to kill
        • Loose silver - like change (money) insignificant
        • Fish represent him when he started he was alive and shiny (full of wonder) when he returned he was dead
        • Dark prince - ruler could be  tyrant tainted by darkness.
      • Cairns of pearl of grey pebbles
        • Cairns- covering up things contrasts to digging up fathers memories- maybe he wants forget so dying is easier
      • Fishing boats strung out like bunting
        • Image of beauty an d hope. Sadly ironic that the thing he must die for (his country) is partly why he wants to stay, but he knows he must preserve its beauty like a memory
        • He is hypo sensitive.  Reminds him that japan is a bout fish and beauty makes him question what japan means to him
      • Bringing their fathers boat safe/-yes grandfathers boat- safe
        • repetition of safe as thought the soldier is trying to reassure himself at home he will be safe but at home he will die
        • Like  Charon the ferryman of the dead but for him death is safe
    • Structure
      • Tight controlled six line structure
        • Shows the overall control the Japanese  government has over the kamikaze - could be symbolising the controls any gov has over their soldiers
      • Written in free verse and enjambment
        • free verse show the soldier trying to break free from the controlled structure
        • enjambment shows the struggle of trying to break free and the barriers/restrictions society puts in throughout


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