Music: Schoenberg's Peripetie

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  • Schoenberg - Peripetie from Five Orchestral Pieces
    • Instrumentation
      • Large Orchestra (strings, woodwind, brass and percussion)
      • Changes rapidly throughout creating contrasts in timbre
      • Instruments played at extremes of their range (high/low)
      • Cymbals are played with a mallet and a cello bow
    • Melody
      • Made up of short fragmented motifs
      • Disjuct and sound angular, octave displacement is used which is unexpected
      • Melodies are varied through iversion and rhythmic augmentation
    • Rhythm, Metre and Tempo
      • Metre changes between 3/4, 2/4 and 4/4
      • Tempo is Sehr meaning very quick
      • Rhythms are complex and varied and quickly changes, rhythmic patterns are sometimes layered
    • Tonality and Harmony
      • Atonal
      • Chords and melodies are built from hexachords (6 notes)
    • Texture and Dynamics
      • Contrapuntal texture, with some monophonic and homophonic moments
      • Imitation and inversion which create complex textures
      • Sudden dynamic changes with extreme contrasts - ppp, fff
    • Structure
      • Untitled


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