Schoenberg - Peripetie

This is a mindmap based on Schoenberg's Peripetie. It contains information on tonality, melody and harmony, instrumentation etc.

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  • Peripetie by Arnold Schoenberg
    • Structure
      • The structure is Rondo but not as we know it
        • A (Bars 1-18), B (Bars 18-34) A1 (Bars 35-43) A2 (Bars 59-66)
        • It is not traditional Rondo as the piece is only snippets of Musical ideas with a similar theme between the episodes
    • Peripetie is created by Schoenberg who also invented serialism
      • Serialism uses 12 notes from the Chromatic scale.
        • The notes are arranged in a way where no notes appear more than once - this is called a prime row
      • Transposition
        • There will be 12 different versions of the original arrangement of notes
      • Prime Row (Idea) - Magic Square
        • There are 48 rows that you could use from a magic square in serialism but in a piece you only use 3 or 4 of the rows, You use the row to create the melody and harmony but in this there will be no note row.
      • Peripetie is a pre-serialist piece
        • This means it is loosely based on a 12 semitone concept but in this case the 12 semitones of the octave are split into hexachords (6-note chords)
    • Instrumentation
      • Tamtam (gong)
      • Large Orchestral Piece
        • A large 20th Century Orchestra - the piece is from a set of five orchestral pieces
      • Zylophone
    • Rhythm
      • Syncopation, Sextuplets
      • Very Fragmented Rhythm
        • The rhythmic diminution of the opening motif appears like a thread throughout the entire piece and also in various guises.
    • Tempo
      • Sehr Rasch - Very Fast
    • Melody And Harmony (Tonality)
      • Klangfarbenmelodie - large and small leaps throughout the piece
      • Atonal and fragmented
      • Key
        • Atonal with extremelly angular melodies which use extreme pitch ranges
    • General Information
      • Its from Area Of Study 2
      • The piece was written in 1909
      • Arnold Schoenberg lives 1874-1951


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