Sand dunes

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  • Sand dunes
    • Embryo dunes
      • Fore dunes
        • Yellow dunes
    • How they form
      • sand get trapped around debery on the beach and collects
        • over time the amount of sand builds up and starts to form a dune
    • Pioneer plant
      • Sea couch
      • very first plants that start to grow on newly formed dunes
      • can grow in xerophytic environments (no water)
      • resistant plants
      • little organic water
      • salt torelrant
      • more akalian soil
        • CaCO3 is alkali and there are shells which are made of CaCO3
    • sea couch is out competed by marram grass (sucession)
      • leaves open and close for water
      • better adapted to surrondings
      • deep roots can reach water table (fix roots)
      • Xerophytic enviroment
    • Heather succeeds marram grass
      • high humus level in sand/soil
      • organic matter makes soil
        • there's been more organic matter so more soil
      • more organic matter makes soil more acidic
    • climax species
      • birch (trees) or gorse
    • The sea progrades backwards, pushing the sea into itself


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