Coastal Habitat

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  • Coastal Habitat (Studland Bay)
    • Dorset, South West England
    • Heathland is a SSSI and a nature reserve
    • Reptiles - adders, grass snakes, sand lizards and slow worms
      • Thick scaly skin to reduce water loss. Protects them from rough under growth on the heathland
    • Birds - Dartford warblers, shelducks and grebes
      • Grebes - dive to get food
    • Fish - seahorses
    • Plants - marram grass, lyme grass and heather
      • Marram Grass - folded leaves to water loss in sandy dunes. Long roots - stabilise in sand
    • Boardwalks - sand beneath protected
    • Fenced off - dunes recover, marram grass replanted
    • Information signs - enjoy without damaging, why they are important




how nifty, my dear chap. bravo

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