RE EXAM 2: Sanctity of life: Islam

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  • Sanctity of Life: Islam
    • Drugs
      • Islam is opposed to the use of any drugs except for those which are medically prescribed.
        • Every intoxicant is Khamr and all Khamr is Haram
        • O ye who believe, liquor, gambling, idols and divining arrows are but abominations and Satanic devices.
      • all non-prescribed drugs are the work of Satan and are designed to lead people away from God.
      • Tobacco is not specifically mentioned in the Qur’an as being Haram some Muslims say it is Makruh.
    • Euthanasia
      • Voluntary
        • the person concerned asks someone to help them die
      • Involuntary
        • euthanasia is carried out without the patient’s consent
      • Muslim attitudes
        • Islam is totally opposed to euthanasia. The Qur’an   says that Allah   created all life and everything belongs to him
          • To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He pleases.
        • Muslim people are forbidden to kill themselves
          • Destroy not yourselves.
      • Suicide
        • The Prophet Muhammad  said that suicides  would go to hell:
          • Anyone who throws themselves down from a rock and commits suicide will be throwing themselves into Hell
          • A person who drinks poison and kills themselves will drink it for ever in Hell.
          • A person who stabs themselves will stab themselves for ever in Hell.
          • If people are suffering badly they should ask Allah for help
        • No one has the right to decide when they will die
          • No one can die except by Allah’s leave,
    • Contraception
      • Islam teaches that life is a sacred gift from Allah
        • To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He pleases.
      • Children are also a gift
        • contraception has been seen to be against the teachings of theQur’an
          • The Conference on Islam and Family Planning has agreed that contraception can be used if:
            • 1. the mother’s health is threatened
            • 2.there is a chance of a child being born disabled
            • 3. the family do not have the money to bring up a child
    • Abortion
      • The artificial ending of the life of a foetus in the womb
      • A natural abortion is called a miscarriage
      • Islamic teacahings
        • Abortion is not permitted within Islam unless it’s to save the mother’s life.
        • Some Muslims believe that for the first four months of pregnancy the woman has greater rights than the foetus but that after this time they are equal.
        • before the time of Muhammad, unwanted female children were often buried alive in Arabia. Islam teaches:
          • Do not destroy your offspring for fear of poverty, it is We Who provide for them and for you. Surely, destroying them is a great sin.


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