Unit 2: Equality Diversity and Rights

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  • Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and rights
    • LO1
      • Concepts
        • Equality: Ensuring people are treated fairly and equally depending on their individual needs
        • Rights: What everyone is legally entitled to: Right to choice, right to confidentiality, right to life, protection from abuse and harm, equal and fair treatment
      • The Values of Care
        • Child care
          • Making the welfare of the child paramount
          • Keeping children safe and maintaining a healthy environment
          • Working in partnership with parents and guardians
          • Encouraging children's learning and development
          • Valuing diversity
          • Ensuring equality of opportunity
          • Anti-discriminatory practice
          • Maintaining confidentiality
          • Working with other professionals
        • Social care
          • Promoting equality and Diversity
          • Promoting individual rights and beliefs
          • Maintaining confidentiality


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