RE- matters of life and death: Euthanasia


Non-Religious Arguments- in Favour

  • If animals were suffering, we would put it down as it's the most humane thing to do
  • It is their life, they should have the right to end it if they want to
  • It's not fairfor the relatives to have to eatch their loved one dying painfully
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Non-Religious Arguments- Against

  • Drugs can be used for pain control
  • Euthanasia is just a fancy word for murder
  • Doctor's take an oath to save lives, it is wrong to ask them to kill people
  • People can get better or medical science might find a cure for them
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Christian Teachings

1) Wrong but don't want people to suffer

  • Jesus accepted his suffering and never tried to escape from it, so Christians believe that this teaches them to cherish life
  • God tells us not to kill in the 10 commandments

2) Evangelical Protestants believe it is wrong in every circumstance

  • The bible condems suicide-they follow it literally
  • God tells us not to kill in the 10 commandments

3) Liberal Protestants allow limited use of euthanasia

  • Jesus said 'Love thy neighbour'. Helping someone to die might be the most loving thing to do
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Muslim Teachings

Against euthanasia, but 2 attitudes exist

1) Switching off a life support machine is NOT euthanasia

  • If they are 'brain dead' then God has already taken that person

2) Others see turning life machines off as BEING euthanasia.

  • See it as suiside
  • View voluntary euthanasia as suiside as well
  • See life as a test. Only God can decide when we die
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