Different Christian Attitudes Towards Euthanasia


Baptist Church (Baptists)

  • Euthanasia is the same as abortion
  • Against it as all human life is sacred
  • Accept non-voluntary euthanasia (e.g. switching off a life support machine)
  • Don't accept making death come quickly (e.g. lethal dose)
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Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

  • No united view on euthanasia
  • Accept 'living wills' - if a person becomes very ill, they will be allowed to die naturally and with dignity
  • What is most important is that they do the most loving thing
  • Most accepting of people going to hospices instead of euthanasia
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Church of England (Anglicans)

  • Similar view to Roman Catholic Church
  • People should not be kept alive at all cost if they are suffering intolerable pain
  • The old and ill should be made to feel wanted and valuable
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Roman Catholic Church (Roman Catholics)

  • Totally against euthanasia
  • It is the same as murder
  • However, there is a difference between deliberate killing and the shortening of life by pain-killing drugs
  • This is the doctrine or double effect
  • Sick people need and deserve special care
  • Accepting of hospices
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Hospice Movement

  • Modern hospices are for people two are terminally ill
  • Hospice staff are experienced in pain relief
  • The aim is to improve quality of life
  • It is the more widely accepted alternative to euthanasia (to Christians)
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