Religion and Human Relationships- Islam

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  • Religion and Human Relationships
    • Roles of Men and Women
      • Traditional
        • women- take care of the home and children
        • men- support their wives
          • 'men are in charge of women'
      • mother's have a very high status
      • Modern
        • husband's should consider what's normal in society
        • family decisions should be taken together
    • Marriage
      • recommended for 3 reasons
        • provides companionship
        • secure environment for procreation
        • sexual instinct needs to be carefully channeled
      • dating is discouraged
        • arranged marriages
          • parents search for suitable partners
          • nikah- marriage contract
            • religious joining of soulmates
      • mahr- gift given to the bride from the groom
      • imam- leader of prayers
      • readings from the Qur'an
      • homosexuality- forbidden
    • Divorce
      • last resort
      • arbiter from each family- try to sort things out
      • especially important if they have children
      • declaration of divorce, 3 times, 3 months- declaration
        • reflection
        • ensure woman isn't pregnant
      • women can apply for divorce by khul
      • after- can remarry
    • Sexual Relationships
      • within marriage
      • remain virgins until marriage
      • permits but doesn't encourage polygamy
        • a man can have up to 4 wives
    • Contraception
      • encourages procreation
        • conception is the will of Allah
      • contraception is unwelcome
      • only permitted if:
        • threat to mother's health
        • woman has already had children
        • greater than average chance- child with disabilities
        • too poor to raise a child
      • reversible methods are allowed


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