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  • religion and life MARRIAGE AND FAMILY homosexuality
    • christian teachings
      • the bible forbids same sex relationships
      • homosexuals should be celibate
      • everyone is a child of god so should be loved equally
      • bible needs to be reinterpreted for todays society
      • God loves everyone
    • muslim teachings
      • for
        • islam is a religion of tolerance, Allah will forgive
        • All humans were created by Allah and he is all knowing so knew the path of people
        • if people were born homosexual then Allah obviously wanted them to be that way
      • against
        • Homosexuality is condemned in the qur'an and Muslims used to get stoned for it
        • sex is to reproduce and this is impossible in a homosexual relationship
        • only form of lawful sex is between a man and a woman, same sex is unnatural


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