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  • Persecution
    • Aryans = Super race
      • Blamed Jews for problems in German society
      • Wanted population only pure Aryans
        • Eliminate homosexuals, disabled, different race or religion
      • Angry when African Americans successful in 1936 Berlin Olympics
        • Jesse Owens took 4 golds
        • Joe Lewis beat German World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Max Schmeling
    • Persecution of Jews
      • Increased through 1930s
      • Nuremberg Laws 193
        • Stopped Jews being German citizens
        • Banned marriage and sexual relationships between Jews and non-Jews
      • Kristallnacht 1938
        • Jew murdered a German diplomat in Paris, Nov 1938
        • Rioting in Germany: Jewish shops smashed, thousands of Jews arrested
      • Ghettos
        • After invasions of Poland and Russia- more Jews under Nazis
          • 1941: soldiers ordered to kill every Jew they came across
        • From 1940
        • Walled in, policed by armed guards
          • Starvation and disease killed thousands
        • Largest in Warsaw
          • Rebellion in 1943 ruthlessly put down
    • Final Solution 1942
      • Plan to destroy Jews
        • Also Slavs, Roma, black people, homosexuals, disabled, communists
        • End of the war: approx 6 million Jews killed
      • Death camps built in Eastern Europe, gas chambers for mass murder
        • Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Chelmno, Belzec
      • Heinrich Himmler of ** in charge


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