Relationship between rights and duties

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  • Relationship between rights and duties
    • Rights
      • Legal system can enforce those rights
      • Must be a legal system in place that recognises those rights
      • No one can stop a person from exercising their rights.
      • Legal system
        • punish people who commit criminal offences
        • Evolve to reflect changing moral values
        • Ensure contracts between people/companies are honoured
        • Reflect the moral attitudes of society
        • binding on the whole of society
      • Examples of rights
        • To buy alcohol (licensing act 2003)
        • if arrested (Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005)
        • Free education (Education act 1944)
        • Vote in an election for men and women over eighteen (Representation of the people Act 1969)
    • Rights and duties
      • Rights
        • Claim
          • A right that infers a corresponding duty to the right holder
            • The right to free education infers a duty from others to provide free education
        • Liberty
          • A freedom or permission to do something- there are no corresponding duties owed by anyone else to enable a liberty right
      • Duties
        • Absolute
          • Duties that do not have a corresponding right
            • Duty of a citizen not to break the law
        • Relative
          • Duties that have a corresponding right
            • The duty to pay a debt has a corresponding right for a person to be paid what is owed to them


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