Elizabeth's relations with Parliament

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  • Relations with Parliament
    • Monopolies
      • Way of maintaining loyalty of powerful men
      • 1571 - MP Robert Ball said they were unfair + many others agreed
      • 1601 - E made speech to Parliament cleverly giving impression she was making changes, without promises
    • Marriage + succession
      • By 1566 - began openly discussing marriage issue
      • Elizabeth banned them talking about  her marriage
    • Religion
      • Majority of those in both houses of Parliament = Protestant
      • Elizabeth found it easy to introduce laws against Catholics
      • Disagreements over Puritanism tho
    • Freedom of speech
      • MP Peter Wentworth arrested 3 times for arguing that MPs should have freedom of speech
      • Some MPs agreed, some didn't
      • One arrest was organised by MPs showing loyalty to Elizabeth
    • Crime + poverty
      • Poverty often led to crime
      • Many MPs realised that punishing the poor didn't work
      • Attempt to introduce poor laws - failed until 1601
    • Mary, Queen of Scots
      • Majority of Parliament saw her as threat to national security
      • Pressure on Elizabeth from Parliament to execute her


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