Privy Council, Parliament and the Royal Court


The Privy Coucil 

  • they took responsibilty for day to day running of the country. The memebers wre Elizabeth's main adivsors. She had to chose wealthy landowners to stop them rebelling against her. They dealt with military and foreign affairs, religion and the Queens security. It was rn by the secretery of state - William Cecil 


  • This was the house of lords and The House Of Commons. they had influence over passign taxes and laws. the queen decided when to call Parliament and how much of their advice she would listen to 

Lord Lieutenants 

  • They were appointed to take administrative responsibility for an area of the country , they would raise an army for the queen.

Justice Of Peace 

  • They were the gentry and their main role was to ensure that the laws passed by Parliament were enforced properly 



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