Reconciliation under Napoleon

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  • Reconciliation under Napoleon
    • Royalists
      • Offered amnesty to rebels in the West who were prepared to lay down arms and give their support
    • International
      • The Peace of Amiens, end of the War of the Second Coalition
    • Bourgeoisie
      • Changed the structure of the vote to give more political influence to land owners
      • Confirmed they would keep the land which had once belonged to the Church
    • Nobility
      • Developed honours systems for loyalty and effective service
        • Eg Legion of Honour - 32,000 awards in 1814
      • Established the Imperial Nobility
        • included counts, barons, knights.
    • Catholics
      • Offered rewards and posts to refractory priests and emigres who were prepared to support him
      • Signed the Concordat with the Catholic Church
        • Recognised the Pope as head of Catholic Church, Pope recognised the new regime in France and worship became freely available


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