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  • Recalling
    • Post event contamina-tion
      • "Over time, the information from these two sources may be integrated so that we are unable to tell from which source some specific detail is recalled. All we have is 1 memory" LOFTUS & PALMER
      • "Misleading information can be inserted into a stored memory" LOFTUS
    • Weapon Focus
      • When a weapon is involved in a crime, identification of the criminal seems much harder
      • Loftus
        • Threat of the weapon affects memory
      • Pickel
        • The unusualness of a weapon draws attention to it
    • Distinctive Events
      • Internal focus
        • Focus on emotion can prevent storage of key details
      • External focus
        • Focus on the event itself, enabling storage of clearer memories
    • Context
      • Context during event and content during recall are often very different
      • Visualising the context of the event can help with recall
      • Malpass & Devine
        • 2 groups have to watch a video of vandalism
        • Had to recall after 5 months, 1 group reminded of their initial reactions
          • This groups recall was significantly better
      • Unconscious transference
        • Donald Thompson- Women identified him as her ****** but the programme was on in the background whilst she was *****


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