Reasons for victory

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  • Reasons for victory: Russia at war
    • The war economy
      • Gosplan-suited to organising war economy
      • Devoted 56% of economy to the war
      • Gosplan insured that rearmament production doubled (1941-44)
    • The home front
      • Patriotism
        • Stalin knew communism was unpopular due to Great Terror
        • Russians very patriotic-Stalin used this to gain support
        • Patriotism helped to win the war-gave Russians a reason to fight
      • The Church
        • Stalin made alliance with church-in times of war
        • Communists against organised religion
        • Allowed 414 churches to reopen in last year of war
    • The enemy within
      • Beginning of war-NKVD drew up lists of people who may be sympathetic to Germans
      • NKVD either relocated or ordered them to prevent them aiding Germans
      • 1953-brutal treatment had led to 60% of those deported being dead


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