Why did the Conservatives win the 1951 general election?

A mindmap showing how the Labour Party were defeated by the Conservatives in the 1951 general election

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    • The 1951 General Election
      • Reasons for Conservative victory
        • Revitalised Party Image
          • Lord Woolton reorganised local structure and finances
          • Young and enthusiastic candidates at election
        • Winston Churchill
          • Churchill still seen as key figure and war hero
      • Reasons for Labour defeat
        • Electoral System (First Past The Post)
          • Labour 13,948,385 Conservative 13,717,850
            • Labour had 230535 more of the vote than the Conservatives
              • Labour lost because FPTP means a MP has to win one more vote than the second placed candidate to be elected
        • Divided Labour Party
          • Labour were divided over foreign policy and the NHS
            • Socialists (Left wing of the party) wanted more state support for people
      • Labour's policies towards the end of their tenure
        • 1950 - Unwanted British involvement in the Korean War. Criticism from both Conservative and Labour MPs
        • Labour's belief Britian was to be involved in the Cold War. Saw USSR as major enemy, USA as major ally
    • CON Victory
    • LAB won 200,000 more of the vote
    • CON would go onto be govt. until 1964


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