Philosophy Reason and Experience

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  • Reason and Experience
    • Empiricism
      • 'It is not possible to gain substantive knowledge a priori'
        • Hume
          • Distinction between impressions (livell and forceful) and ideas
            • Ideas are copies of impressions
              • No ideas can exist without experience
                • Missing shade of blue
                • One exception would disprove the rule
              • Blind man has no idea of colour
              • Any 'original' ideas are just combining sense impressions. (golden mountain)
                • We have an idea of God - something we can't experience
                  • The idea of God is derived from our sence experience, the qualities in man exagerated and without limits
            • This is a weak distinction
          • Hume's Fork
            • Knowledge is either a matter of fact (synthetic, a posteriori, contingent), or relation of ideas (analytic, a priori, necessary).
        • Locke
          • The mind at birth is a 'Tabula Rasa'


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