Philosophy 1

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  • Philosophy
    • Ancient Greek influences
      • Plato's Cave
      • Prisoner-philospher who wants answers.
        • Shows empirical knowledge is flawed. so shouldnt depend on our senses.Prisoner disvovered reasoning and then the truth
          • A priori Knowledge-from reasoning and independant of sense experiences
          • Those who escape world of senses know the truth.Society is best organised by a person who has escaped world os senses
            • Led by philospher as they have intellect to understand the real world. Not politicians or media
            • there is a Form of Beauty and truth from experiences in the realm of the forms.World of forms is unchanging and eternal,world of ideas not senses.contain fixed truths which are true for all time people and place
              • Recognise forms because our soul is unchanging
              • Form of Good is highest. Good is the most important, sun represents Good-sustains life and allows us to see truth and beauty as they are aspects of goodness.Good illuminates everything else, the further away you get the paler things become
                • Strengths: Understand why there are imperfections in the world.Why we recognise elements in something and encourages us to learn and not to accept things at face value
                  • Weaknesses:not clear on how the world of forms relate to real world. is there a form of EVERYTHING? What's the ideal form of a slug or cancer?
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    • Aristotle.
      • Material Cause:what's it made of? has the potential for change
        • Efficient Cause:How was it made?How does it happen?
          • Formal Cause:What are it's characteristics
      • Final Cause:What's it for?perfection/goodness reached when performs what's meant to do
        • Prime Mover:Moves things without moving. Eternal and unchanging.Cannot not exist.Not in a bodily form.Exists in spiritual form.
          • God and Prime Mover:Both Eternal and never changes. reached full actuality so is perfection and goodness. we move towards the PM. PM only thinks of himself
            • Weaknesses:what's the final cause of the universe? how can PM be powerful and not know it?


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