Religious studies GCSE - Life issues

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  • R.E. Keywords
    • God
      • omnipatent
        • All - powerful
      • Immcrent
        • Present everywhere
      • Omni - benevdent
        • All - good
      • Omniscient
        • All - knowing
      • Transendent
        • Above and beyond
      • Eternal
        • Without beginning ot end
      • Incinite
        • Without limit
    • Is it Fair?
      • Sexism
        • Judging someone by their gender sex
      • Prejudice
        • prejudging someone, without really knowing them.
      • Stereotype
        • When someone claims that all memebers of a group are the same.
      • Discrimination
        • Treating some differently because of who or what they are.
      • Racism
        • When one person acts againist another because they belong to a different race e.g. colour of their skin
      • Authority
        • Right or power over others. It may be a person e.g. a priest or laws
      • identity
        • Each person has their own personality and is unique
      • Equality
        • Being treated the same. Having the same rights
      • Injustice
        • Withholding someone's human rights  e.g. imprisinment without trial
    • Relationships
      • Commitment
        • Making and keeping a promise, such as wedding vows
      • Chastity
        • Decision NOT to have sex before marriage e.g. because it is believed sex is sacred
      • Conflict
        • Working against each other rather than in unity. Conflict in marriage can lead to divorce
      • Love
        • To have a deep affection and express it through words and actions
        • Philia = Love of friends and family but not a sexual love
        • Storge = Affection for things, places and animals. sometimes described as a "sentimental love"
        • Eros = Sexual and physical love bewteen teo people, usually of the oppsite sex
        • Agape = unconditional love, given freely and unreservedly e.g. God
      • Reconciliation
        • Apologise and become friends again. Many faith communities have reconciliation advice and help services
      • Responsibilities
        • Duties you should carry out, such as looking after family
    • Our World
      • Creation
        • Making something deliberately for a purpose. Most religions teach that God made the world for a purpose
      • Dominion
        • Being in charge of the world for God. Christians believe that God gave humans a resonsibility to manage the world on his behalf
      • Environment
        • The natural world all around us e.g. plants, insects, animals and humans
      • Humanity
        • Caring for other human beings  - Being compassionate. The term also refers to all the humans on the planet
      • Soul
        • The part of humans that lives on after the body has died. The "real you". The spiritual aspect of humans that can comminicate with God
      • Stewardship
        • To look after and care for the world for God. A god - given responsibility to care for the world.
      • Khalifah
        • All those who believe in Allah and wish to obey his laws are Khalifahs or guardians of the world
      • Ummah
        • The world - wide Muslim community
      • Fitrah
        • Balance in the natural world
    • Looking for meaning
      • God
        • Ultimate being ( creater and sustainer of the world)
      • Symbolism
        • Somthing that points to or explains somthing else. Religions have many symbolic actions and ideas
      • Revelation
        • Something shown or explained that was previously hidden.
      • Awe
        • Completely overwheimed by a sence of God's prresence. In many regligious traditions experiencing God or his presence is sought in many ways.
      • Community
        • A group of people with something in common e.g. sharing the same faith, sharing in prayer and worship.
      • Afterlife
        • The belief that there is some kind of life after the death of the body. Many religions have beliefs in a heaven or a place where souls go when the body dies
      • Trinity
        • There is only one God but God has three parts.God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit


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Mind map full of keywords to do with Life Issues.

Good for WJEC RE students.

Once you have read it, check your progress by testing yourself.

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