Racial beliefs and policies

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  • Racial beliefs and policies
    • Nazi racial heirarchy
      • 1. Aryans - 'master race'
      • 2. Other white western Europeans - seen as fellow humans but lower than Aryans
      • 3. Eastern Europeans - salves, seen as sub-human
      • 4. Black people and gypsies - seen as sub-human and 'work-shy' - lazy
      • 5. Jews - lowest of sub-human races, blamed for Germany's problems
    • Untermenschen - inferior people
      • Term used by Nazis to describe Slavs, gypsies, black people and Jews
      • In 1935, Nuremberg Laws - banned Aryans marrying gypsies, black people or Jews
      • Mixed-race children were sterilised
      • After 1933, many gypsies were arrested and sent to concentration camps
      • From 1938, all gypsies had to be registered and were banned from travelling, 1939 - told they were being deported
      • Slavs were persecuted less than other groups
    • Other undesirables
      • Homosexuals - sent to prison/concentration camps, subjected to medical treatments to correct their 'disorder' after laws against homosexuality were strengthened
      • Mentally handicapped people were sterilised after a new - The Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring was introduced in 1933
      • Mentally and physically handicapped babies were killed
      • Vagrants were seen as 'work-shy' and were put in concentration camps
    • Hitler was keen to increase the number of 'pure' German's
      • Blond-haired, blue-eyed, tall and athletic, hard workers and join the army/have children


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