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  • Quotes and stories to use in the exam
    • Parables
      • Sheep and goats - treating everyone as if they were jesus
      • Talent or Minas - leave world in better place than found
      • Good Samaritan - help others
    • 10 Commandments
      • Thou shall not kill
      • Thou shall no steal
      • Honour mother and father
      • No bear false witness
      • No other Gods before me
      • Not take lords name in vein
      • Thou shall not covet
      • Not commit adultery
      • sabbath day and keep it holy
      • Not make unto any graven image
    • Teaching
      • Love thy neighbours
      • The golden rule
      • Cain and Able - look out for everyone
      • Sermon on the mount - fair sharing of the Earth's resources
      • Not to play God --> it's a Sin
    • Disciples and Christian thinkers
      • St Thomas aquinas
        • "Reform sinner and secure peace for society"
        • Use conscience as a final part of moral decision making
      • St Paul
        • What he said on women and slaves in the Old testemant
        • Christians should try to live in peace with everyone


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