pupils sexual and gender identities

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  • pupils sexual and gender identities
    • double standards
      • promiscuity approved by male peers however girls are labelled '****'
      • double standards justify male power and dominance, devaluing women, inferior
    • the male gaze
      • martin mac an ghail
      • boys and male teachers see girls as sex objects and make judgements about their appearance
      • form of scrutiny, dominant male heterosexuality is reinforced
    • male peer groups
      • boys place emphasis on being tough, those who don't conform are labelled as ******** achievrs
      • boys attempt to live up to this image to fit in with peer group at schools
    • female peer groups
      • popularity is crucial to a girls identity- sexualised identity
      • reay- girls feel they have to adopt an asexual identity, lack interest in boys/ fashion
        • known as boffin identity
    • teachers and discipline
      • teachers reinforce dominant definitions of gender identity
      • mac an ghail- teachers tell boys off for behaving like girls
      • male teachers protect female teachers. 'rescuing' them from disruptive pupils


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