Psychology: memory revision

this is a mind map about the multi-store model (msm) and working memory model (wmm). all of the components of the models are highlighted in the mindmap including the central executive, episodic buffer, phonological loop and the visuo-spatial sketchpad. it also includes the sensory store, short term memory (stm) and long term memory (ltm).

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  • Psychology: memory revision
    • Multi-store model
      • the multi store model consists of three unitory stores which are, sensory store, short term memory and long term memory.
      • according to MSM to remember information, you have to rehearse it and if you don't, it will decay in the sensory store.
      • the capacity of stm is 7 +/- 2 chunks. the duration is about 30 seconds. the encoding is mainly acoustic.
      • the capacity of ltm is unlimited. the duration is upto a life time and the encoding is mainly semantic
    • working memory model
      • the WMM constists of, episodic buffer, phonological loop, visu-spatial sketchpad and the central executive
      • the model was created by baddeley and hitch and the episodic buffer was the last component which was added in 2000.
      • the visuo spatial sketchpad is used when you are planning visual tasks like getting from one room to another.
      • the central executive is a general store which collects information from other stores to see whats happening right now.
      • the phonlogical loop is like a inner-ear which collects and encodes sounds.


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