Psychological explanation for phobias, unfinnished

Psychological Explanation for Phobias, including A02/3.

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  • Psychological Explanations for Phobic Disorders
    • Psychodynamic
      • Phobia's are caused from, repressed conflicts. The ego protects itself be repressing emotions into the unconscious mind.
      • These repressions are then placed on a neutral objects which creates the phobia.
      • A02/3
        • Little Hans developed a phobia of white horses after he saw one fell, and when someone said it would 'bite him' if he touched it. It stated that this phobias was developed through oppressing conflicts about his father, however can be explained through conditioning and also is a case study, so can't generalise.
        • BOWLBY; Those suffering from agoraphobia had family conflicts when a child, this could be due to anxiety separation.
        • WHITING ET AL; found increased phobias in societies that has strict child rearing.
        • Therapies such as systematic desensitisation also supports the psychodynamic approach.
    • Behavioural
      • Classical Conditioning


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