AS topics for A-Level psychology (not including research methods)

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  • AS topics
    • Social influence
      • Conformity: Types and explanations, Asch's research, Zimbardo's research
      • Obedience: Milgram's research, situational variables, scoial-psychological factors, dispositional explanations
      • Resistance to social influence
      • Minority influence
      • Social influence and social change
    • Attachment
      • Intro to attachment
        • Cultural variations in attachment
      • Schaffer's stages of attachment
      • Animal studies of attachment
      • Explanations of attachmnet: Learning theory, Bowlby's theory
      • Ainsworth's strange situation
      • Bowlby's theory of maternal deprivation
      • Romanian orphan studies
      • influence of early attachment on later relationships
    • Memory
      • Coding, capacity and duration
      • The multi-store model
      • Types of long term memory
      • The working memory model
      • Explanations for forgetting: Interference, retrival failure
      • Factors affectng EWT: Misleading information, anxiety
      • Improving the accuracy of EWT
    • Approaches
      • Origins of psychology
      • The learning approach: Behaviourism, Social lerning theory
      • The cognitive approach
      • The biological approach
      • Biopsychology: The nervous system and endocrine system, neurons and synaptic transmission
      • The psychodynamic approach
      • Humanistic psychology
      • Comparison of approaches
    • Psychopathology
      • Definitions of abnormality
      • Phobias
      • Obsessive compulsive disordedr
      • The behavioural approach to explaining and treating phobias
      • The cognitive approach to explaining and treating depression
      • Depression
      • The biological approach to explainging and treating OCD


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