Provision of Energy in the UK

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  • Provision of Energy in the UK.
    • How is UK energy demand changing?
      • The UK's energy consumption has fallen. This is due to improved energy conservation.
        • 60% fall in industrial consumption.
        • 12% fall in domestic consumption.
    • How has the Uk's energy mix changed?
      • By 2020 the UK aims to meet 15% of its energy requirement from renewable sources.
    • Why has the Uk's energy mix changed?
      • 75% of the Uk's known oil and natural gas reserves have been exhausted.
        • By 2020 this 75% will be imported.
    • The issue with Fracking.
      • Possibilities of  Earthquakes  Pollution to   water       High costs
      • Impacts of energy exploitation are economic and environmental
        • Economic - Expensive
        • Environment -  visual impact.


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