Resource managment

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  • Resource Management
    • UK food provision
    • UK water provision
    • Global food distribution
    • Global energy distribution
  • Why import so much?
  • Impacts of importing food
  • What is food security
    • Factors affecting food supply
  • Seasonal produce
  • Reducing food waste
  • Managing water quality
  • Vegetables from Kenya
  • Why will demand increase?
  • Main UK water sources
  • North west vs south east
  • how to manage water supplies
  • Malnurishment and under nutrition
  • Why is water needed?
  • Reasons for water scarcity
  • change in energy dependance
  • Who uses more?
  • How is the Uk responding to challenges?
  • Water transfer proposal
  • How is demand and mix changing?
  • Fracking
  • Where consumes most?
  • Impact of food insecurity
  • Example of sustainable food management
  • Methods of sustainable food managment
  • Example of urban farming
  • Makeleni security programme
  • Methods to increase food supply


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