Protein transport (flow chart)

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  • Protein Transport
    • Proteins are made at the ribosomes
      • The ribosomes on the rER make proteins that are excreted or attached to the ell membraine. The free ribosomes in the cytoplasm make proteins that stay in the cytoplasm.
        • New proteins produced at the rER are folded and processed.
          • They're then transported from the rER to the golgi apparatus in vesicles.
            • At the Golgi apparatus, the proteins may undergo further processing.
              • The proteins enter more vesicles to be transported around the cell.
                • E.g. extracellular enzymes (like digestive enzymes) move to the cell surface and are secreted.
              • E.g. sugar chains are trimmed or more are added.
          • E.g. Sugar chains are added


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