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Biological plasma membranes…read more

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Membrane facts
·They are selectively permeable barriers
·Made up of Phospholipids and proteins
in a bilayer
·Under an electron microscope you can
see the bilayer as two dark bands the
distance across the membrane is about
7nm.…read more

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Functions of the cell plasma membrane
· Selectively permeable barrier
· Taking up nutrients
· Secreting chemicals
· Cell to cell recognition…read more

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Fluid Mosaic model
Molecules are not bonded together so there is some
movement but it is relatively stable because of the nature of
the phospholipids. Singer and Nicholson proposed a model of
how the components in the membrane are arranged in 1972.
Animation…read more

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Fluid mosaic model
Main features of the fluid mosaic model include:
·Phospholipid Bilayer
·Intrinsic proteins (span the bilayer)
·Extrinsic proteins (only on one side of the bilayer)
·The model is called fluid because:
­ The phospholipids and proteins move around each other
·The model is called a mosaic because:
­ Proteins are arranged between the phospholipids…read more

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Intrinsic Glycoprotein
Hydrophilic pore Carrier protein…read more

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