Propaganda - Hitlers consolidation of power

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  • Propaganda
    • A way of communicating that influences people towards a cause or argument, by only using one side of the argument.
      • in Mein Kampf, Hitler had written the importance of propaganda was in creating the peoples community.
      • In the new Reich ministry of popular enlightenment and propaganda Gobbles' could use legal powers to control the media.
    • Radio Broadcasting.
      • To broadcast election campaigns - good way to communicate with 4.5 million German homes.
      • Radio stations controlled by the state government and not central government.
      • Gobbels' wanted to change this, he purged those who worked in radio - dismissed 13% of staff on racial or political grounds.
      • Resistance from Goring - Minister of Interior. and wanted to control on the hands of the state government. 1934 - Radio stations all under German control.
    • The Press.
      • In January 1933 - 4,700 newspapers privately owned, mainly local or regional groups.
      • Gobbels' had a Step by step plan:
        • 1) Socialist and Communist papers were closed - Used the powers of the Decree for the Protection of the People and State.
        • 2) Nazis bought more newspapers - By the end of 1933 they had 27 newspapers.
        • 4) Introduced daily briefings - Gobbles gave information about what they could of could not print.
        • 5) Gave responsibility of newspapers content to editors - The Editors had to follow instructions or they would have to take the consequences.
        • 3) New agencies supplied the press with information became state controlled - Information was censored before it even reached the press.
    • Why Propaganda was significant:
      • Changes peoples opinions.
      • It helped Hitler gain power. - Made Hitler's policies more appealing. - Gave him control.


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