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How did the Nazis consolidate power?
The use of propaganda
Hitler said in Mein Kampf that propaganda would play a crucial role in the
people's community and he had Josef Goebbels as his propaganda chief. In 1933,
the both used the resources and legal authority of the regime to make their
propaganda effective. Hitler introduced a Reich ministry of popular
enlightenment and propaganda on the 13th March 1933.
Josef Goebbels said, " I view the first task of the regime to establish
coordination between the government and the whole people. It is not enough
for people to be more or less reconciled to our regime...rather we want to
work on people until they have capitulated towards us"
When in power, Goebbels could use the full legal powers of the state to control
the media.
The Radio
Hitler and Goebbels believed that the spoken word had great power and
they had used radio campaigns in the elections of 1932/33
Goebbels described the radio as "The most modern instrument in
existence for influencing the masses."
In 1933, 4.5 million households had a radio and this would keep
increasing dramatically
The radio gave Hitler the chance to talk to the people directly and in 1933
he made 50 radio broadcasts
In January 1933, most radio stations were controlled by state government
not central government and Goebbels wanted to change this
His first step was to purge radio workers and 13% of staff were dismissed
on racial or political grounds
Establishing government control over radio took longer because Goebbels
encountered resistance from Goring (Prussian minister for the interior)
who wanted to keep control in the hands of the state gov.
It was in April 1934 when all radio stations were brought together under
the Reich Radio company which was under the control of the propaganda
The Press
In January 1933, there were some 4,700 privately owned newspapers
which made it difficult for Goebbels to control the press
They were mainly local and regional newspapers, which reflected many
political and religious ideas
The Nazi newspapers (Volkischer Beobachter) accounted for no more
than 2.5% of all papers sold
Goebbels adopted a step by step strategy for taken over the press:
1. Socialist and Communist newspapers were closed using the decree for the
protection of people and state
2. Nazis bought up newspapers, they had 27 newspapers by the end of the year
which sold around 2.4 million copies per day

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News agencies who gave the press information were merged into a state
controlled organization meaning info was censored before it reached the
4. Goebbels had a daily briefing for journalists where he told them what the
could and couldn't print
5. An editor's law of 1933 gave responsibility of newspapers to the editor
alone. Editors had to follow the rules of the propaganda ministry or they
would have to be dealt with personally. Editors became censors of their own
newspapers.…read more


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