Overview of Consolidation of Power


Overview of Consolidation of Power

How did the Nazis consolidate their power?


  • Little violence used before March 1933 elections.
  • Mobilising hundreds of thousands of men to their regime (Hitler Youth, armed forces etc) was due to succes in building upon mainstream social values. 
  • In the early 1930s, Nazis were committed to obtaining power through legal means.
  • Death of Hindenburg placed Hitler immediately into power. 
  • April Boycott of Jewish Shops. 
  • The ARMY - Hitler presented his plans for rearmament and promised not to undermine the role of the army. 
  • Businessmen - secured donations of 3 million Reichmarks. They were assured with an anti-communist Government. Hitler stopped attacks on large capitalist enterprises to secure the deal. 
  • Propaganda - Hitler and Gobbels extended control over media to present the party in the best way possible. Reich Ministry of popular enlightenment. Radio broadcastling, the press etc. 

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  • Struggle, violence and war were at the centre of Nazi ideology.
  • The SA had been engaged in a campaigning of politically motivated street fighting. 
  • Thousands of opponents to the Nazis had been rounded up and taken to make-shift concentration camps. 
  •  Reichstag FireDutch communist Van der Lubbe was arrested. Nazis took advantage of the situation by immediately imposing the Decree for the protection of the people and the state (Emergency Decree). 
  • Night of the Long Knives - ruthless purge of SA leadership. Their ambitions were seen as a serious risk to the army. Hitler had to keep the army on side. The SA had been stopping army convoys, confiscating weapons etc. 
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