Processes of glacial erosion

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  • Processes of glacial erosion
      • 1. Water enters small crack
      • 2. Water enters cracks during the warmer day and freezes during the colder night
      • As water turns to ice it expands and exerts pressure on surrounding rock
      • When temperatures rise, ice melts and pressure is released
      • Repeated freezing and thawing widens the cracks and causes pieces of rock to break off
      • Angular rock fragments produced by freeze-thaw are vital tools for glacial erosion
        • Fragments work their way under ice enabling ice to grind away at the valley floor and sides
      • Abrasion
        • Material carried by a glacier rubs against the sides and floors of the valley
      • Plucking
        • As the glacier moves the bottom layers of ice stick to rock and landscape - ripping rocks out of the ground


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