Weathering in a cold environment

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  • Glacial Erosion
    • Abrasion
      • The sandpapering effect of glacial ice as it grinds over and scours a landscape
    • Plucking
      • 1 This occurs when the refreezing of meltwater freezes part of the underlying bedrock to the base of the glacier
      • 2) Any loosened rock fragments are then "plucked" away when the glacier moves forward
  • Glacial Transportation and deposition
    • 1) Glaciers act like giant conveyer belts - transporting material on, in and below the ice
    • 2) This material, called moraine is deposited when the glacial ice starts to melt
  • Roche Moutonnee
    • This is a rock formation created by the passing of a glacier
    • They have a smooth side and a jagged side
      • The process of abrasion eroded the smooth side


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