processes in glaciers

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3 processes are erosion, deposition and transportation


  • abrasion- glacier scrapes material against the valley sides widening and deepening the valley.
  • plucking- meltwater gets into cracks in rocks and freezes this sticks the rock to the ice. as  the glacier moves away the rock is pulled with the glacier, stripping the rocks away.

factors that effect the speed of erosion

  • speed of ice movement- the faster it moves the more erosion takes place
  • temperature of cover ice- warm based glaciers move faster due to a  more lubricated base meaing it can move faster, so erosion can happen quicker
  • ice thickness- the thicker the ice the greater the erosion because thw weight of the ice will create more pressure melting the base and lubricating it, allowing it to move quicker.
  • debris- more debris means there is a greater load to ther is more erosion (abrasion)


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