Glacial systems: landforms

Rocky debris removed from the valley floor by weathering or erosion, carried by the glacier
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Terminal Moraine
A ridge of moraine found at the snout of the glacier and shows the furthest advance of the ice
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Lateral Moraine
Moraine running along the edge of the glacier where it meets the valley side
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Medial Moraine
When two glaciers meet the lateral moraines of the adjacent glaciers merge and extend down the middle
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Large hill sized mounds caused by glaciers dropping their basal debris load. As the glacier advances around the deposited material, they are narrowed and straightened
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Rock fragments and boulders that differ from the local geology, transported within the glacier and deposited during glacial retreat
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Till plains/sheets
Suspended debris is deposited when a large section of ice detaches from the main body of the glacier
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Armchair shaped depressions/hollows where snow accumulates and compresses lower layers into firn in a hollow. Gravity causes it to move in a rotational manner out of the hollow and down the mountain side, eroding the floor by plucking and abrasion
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Where two corries occur back to back and headward recession takes place over time, forming a steep ridge between the two corries
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Glacial Trough
Caused by glacial processes of weathering, erosion and transportation. They have steep sides and flat floors. Glacial troughs are straight because spurs are truncated during glacial advance
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Truncated Spurs
Interlocking spurs which have been caused by river erosion are eroded sharply buy straight flowing glaciers
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Hanging Valley
Formed by tributary glaciers which enter a glacial trough. They lie suspended above the valley side at the end of ice advance, due to the smaller size of the galcier
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Roches Moutonnees
The up-valley side (stoss) gently slopes and is smoother by abrasion. The down valley lee slope is steep in gradients and subject to plucking.
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Terminal Moraine


A ridge of moraine found at the snout of the glacier and shows the furthest advance of the ice

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Lateral Moraine


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Medial Moraine


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