Problem of evil

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  • Problem of Evil
    • Iranean theodicy
      • Took genesis mythologically- not logical
      • Believes in a traditional Christian God
      • 1.The world was created imperfect  2. Human beings were created imperfect  3. Human beings learn right from wrong and grow into maturirty
      • 'Good' infers fit for purpose
      • Humans develop overtime towards perfection
      • Makes a distinction between the image of God and the likeness of God
      • image- free will is given by God and we are made in his image
      • we develop and grow into full likeness
      • The Fall- not an act of sin or rebellion, but a free choice of imperfect humans. We are punished as a child would be and leave Eden to face the challenges of the world
      • Jesus' death undoes the sin of Adam, recreating a path with which we can return to God; does not mean salvation is universal. Those who turned away will face Hell for following Satan
      • Evil: leads to greater good, which justifies its own existence. Through suffering, humans mature, develop virtues and build character. Humans grow into the likeness of God through suffering and by exercising their free will to make good choices
    • Iraneus Strengths
      • offers and explanation for suffering as well as evil
      • fits in with contemporary views: evil can arise from the exercise of free will
      • fits in with science (evolution); humans progress
    • Iraneus weaknesses
      • why is so much suffering needed to teach a lesson/ for us to develop
      • why is evil disproportionate
      • why are humans created morally imperfect
    • Hick's Theodicy- Vale of soul making
      • we are made in God's image but must develop into his likeness
      • in the vale of soul-making, we have to try to come to a fuller knowledge of God (overcome epistemic distance)
      • we can only do this with free will; if God presented himself to us, we wouldnt be able to follow him in complete freedom. true love must be chosen we cannot be forced to love someone
      • we need to use evil and suffering in this process, by responding appropriately to them
      • our response to suffering allows us ti develop virtues, such as compassion and charity, which helps us to grow as people
      • Evil is essential to soul making
      • Peter Vardy: analogy of King who falls in love with a peasant girl- goodness developed by free choice is indefinitely better
      • allows a God who is omnipotent/scient/benevolent with evil in existence


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