Preventing entry of pathogens

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  • Preventing entry of pathogens
    • Skin
      • Skin flora are harmless bacteria that will outcompete pathogens
      • Skin's outer layer is made from keratin which is a hard protein - pathogens can't break through unless there's a cut
    • Mucous Membranes
      • Cilia carry mucus (and any trapped pathogens) to the trachea and bronchi which will be swallowed from the nose.
      • Mouth. eyes and nose contain lysozyme which causes lysis in  pathogens by breaks down the cell wall
    • Digestive system
      • Stomach acid
        • gastric juice is highly acidic and kills most bacteria
      • Gut flora
        • Harmless bacteria that outcompetes pathogens
    • Pathogens can enter the body through: cuts in the skin, contaminated food and drink entering the digestive system, respiratory system by being inhaled, mucosal surfaces such as nose and mouth


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