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  • Pathogens
    • Enter
      • Cuts
      • Digestive system - food/drink
      • Respiratory system - inhaled
      • Mucosal surfaces - eyes, nose and mouth
    • Barriers
      • Stomach acid - most killed but some survive and pass into the intestines where they invade cells of the gut wall and casue disease
      • Skin - physical barrier, blood clots prevent entry
      • Gut and skin flora - Intestines and skin are naturally covered in billions of microorganisms (flora). They compete with pathogens for nutrients and space = limits no. of pathogens
      • Lysozyme - mucosal surfaces produce secretions containing enzymes (lysozymes) which kill bacteria by destroying their cell walls
    • Antigens
      • When a pathagen invade the body, the antigens on its cell surface are recognised as foreign, this activates cells in immune system.




Thank you for uploading this, the layout makes revision very easy.

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