Changing Position of Children

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  • Position of Children
    • Social construction
    • vastly changed throughout history
    • Not natural
    • Other Cultures
      • IK tribe
        • Thrown out of home at 3
        • Curse
      • "rites of passage ceremonies
      • Papa New Guinea
        • "scarification" to become man
    • Reason for changes
      • Laws restricting child labour
      • Introduction of compulsory education 1870
      • Child protection and welfare legislation
      • Growth in idea of children rights
      • Declining family size and lower infant mortality rates
      • Childrens health and development subject of medical knowledge
      • Laws and policies applied to children such as smoking and drinking
      • Industrialiisation
    • Positive View
      • Government spends billions on education
      • Babies much better chance of survival
      • can provide for children better
      • "family" children centred
      • Society as a whole "family centred"
    • Negative View
      • Marxists and feminists society based on different social groups
      • Inequalities between children
      • Opportunities different
      • Many unprotected
      • Badly treated
      • Poverty
      • Child protection register


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