topic 2 childhood

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  • Topic 2 childhood
    • Childhood as a social construct
      • The modern western notion of childhood
      • Cross-cultural differences in chidhood
      • Historical differences in childhood
      • Reasons for changes in the position of children
    • The future of chidhood
      • The disappearance of childhood
      • A separate childhood culture
      • The globalisation  of western childhood
      • Contradictory  trends- the reconstruction of childhood?
    • Has the position of children improved
      • The march of progress view
      • The conflict view
      • Inequalities among children
      • Inequalities between children and adults
      • Neglect and abuse
      • Controls over children's space
      • Controls over children's time
      • Controls over children's bodies
      • Controls over children's access
      • Age patriarchy
    • Summary


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