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  • Childhood
    • Reasons for changes in the position of children
      • laws restricting children from paid labour
      • introduction of compulsory education 1880
      • Child protection and welfare legislation
      • The growth of the idea of children's rights
    • Has the position of children improved?
      • The march of progress view
        • The  position of children in western societies steadily improves
        • Aries and shorter
        • Better healthcare
          • higher standards of living
            • Untitled
          • babies have a better chance of survival
        • Child-centered
        • children protected from harm
          • laws
      • The Conflict view
        • MPV is based on false idealized image
        • Inequalities amongst children in terms of opportunities and risks they face
        • inequalities between children and adults
          • new forms of oppression and control
    • The future of childhood
      • Postman: Childhood is disappearing
      • Sue palmer: Toxic childhood


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