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  • population glossary
    • population density
      • this describes the number of people in a given area
    • sparsely populated
      • this describes a country or region which has a low population over a given area
    • demographic transition model
      • this describes a sequence of changes over a period of time in the relationship between birth and death rates and overall population change
    • population distribution
      • this describes the way in which people are spread out across the earth's surface
    • densely populated
      • this describes a country/region which has a large/compact population within a given area
    • death rate
      • the number of deaths per 1000 people per year
    • birth rate
      • the number of live births per 1000 people per year
    • crude birth rate
      • the total number of births in a single year divided by the total population and multiplied by 1000
    • life expectancy
      • the average number of years people of a given age are expected to live
    • infant mortality rate
      • the number of babies per 1000 live births who die before they reach their first birthday


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