Politics in the Western Zones

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  • Politics in the Western Zones
    • Politics in the Soviet Zone was very much 'from the top down', wheras in the Western Zones it was from the 'ground up'
    • Ground up - Only those parties that were committed to democracy were allowed. People had to form political parties based at a local or regional level, and apply to be granted a licence.
    • KPD/SPD - they quickly re-founded themselves. The SPD wereopposed to any merge with the KPD. After its formation in 1946 in the communist dominated soviet zone. The SED were not allowed into the western zones.
    • CDU/CSU - various former Christians and conservatives agreed to come together and form the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and the CSU in Bavaria. The CSU retained a seperate regional identity, but they worked together with the CDU. They had an openly Christian view of society, informing their later views on the social market economy of West Germany.


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